Little Witch Academia – 15

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not good with computers

I made several bad calls in editing in a previous episodes, one of which was corrected for this one. The spells will remain unchanged for the sake of consistency until we get an authoritative source on their spelling. I’m sick of them to be honest, but sometimes you have to go through hardships to the stars.


36 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 15

      1. NiggerPenis

        make a Patreon account or something man. FanSubs need to make a comeback somehow because daiz just cuntpasting Crumchyroll’s awful translations suck

        1. rhino63

          Patreon is the best way to get your shit slapped with DMCAs when you do licensed stuff (especially anime) since you’re basically being paid to pirate. That’s why a lot of groups got fucked with paypal a while ago.
          Best way to “make money” doing this would be to sell merch, but then again you can’t use any copyrighted stuff and the margin between the money you get from your gear VS what people pay is ridiculous. To gain something like 5$ (which I assume is what people would donate in average), you’d need to sell your t-shirt $25-$30 if you go the “made to order” route. Bulk would be cheaper, but you’re stuck with a bunch of shirts that may or may not sell and you have to handle the shipping side yourself.

          Fansubbing is not a job nor it is a viable source of money because fansub groups are volatile, especially today. Because some groups are stuck in their old ways and are too stubborn to change staff that lost their will to work on stuff (or simply disappeared), we get stuff that gets delayed to hell. Doesn’t look like it’s the case with Asenshi recently since they’ve been releasing LWA in a timely manner regularly, but I’d be pissed if I donated money, get radio silence for a few weeks/months and the group ends up shutting down (if they actually announced it that is.)

          People that are in it for the money go pro anyway.

          1. Zurenriri

            I don’t recall too many fansub groups that sold merch. Most of them were never big enough for people to want any. But a few… yeah… I still have a faded Dattebayo shirt stashed away somewhere…

            A couple of groups I’ve donated to in the past have asked people to join IRC and PM staff for a Paypal account to donate to, instead of posting it on the website for the world to see.

            Asenshi, you guys are doing a great job with LWA, so if you ever change your mind on that donation policy, I’ll toss 20 bucks your way.

          2. Anonymous

            >Patreon is the best way to get your shit slapped with DMCAs when you do licensed stuff (especially anime) since you’re basically being paid to pirate. That’s why a lot of groups got fucked with paypal a while ago.
            You could use BTC instead. If drug dealers and hit men get away with it, I’m sure a handful of weebs putting words on cartoons would be fine.

    1. Ianu Post author

      I celebrated Easter. Observing lent, decorating eggs, Easter mass, the whole shebang. Not everybody on the team is religious or following the liturgical year of the Western Rites, though.

      If you want to donate, consider sending some money to organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières or to your national Red Cross/Red Crescent Committee. They can put that money to better use. Thanks for the offer, though!

      1. Evilbob dA

        If/when I ever volunteer for Doctors without Borders or Red Cross, I’ll see if they’ll allow T-shirts (instead of clinic garb), and see if I can’t get a custom T-shirt that says, “I’m only here because of Asenshi”, lol.

  1. starss

    Ignore those haters. Even if Netflix uploaded their own subs of the 1-cour episodes by now, you’re still covering the ones they haven’t done yet! 🙂 Thanks for your service.

  2. Daniel Norton

    I see you’ve changed your update colour scheme from soothing blue to Chariot red, any particular reason or just fancied a change?

    Anyway, my curiosity aside; yay! New LWA! You guys do an awesome job. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. TeruMoko♥

    OH MY GOD! I just fell in love with this series all over again! Just what to say? Fantastic everything! If I were to have the privilege of attending Luna Nova I have no doubt I would end up exactly like Prof Croix. Even accepting she is a malevolent force I fully understand and feel her passion and desire! Nevertheless I cannot wait to see the coming conflict! If nothing else Diana will not take a pass on these new events. OH MY HELL keep bringing these witches please!

  4. Kemm

    So, according to the annuary, Sabrina’s cat Salem Saberhagen attended Luna Nova along with Chariot and Croix, receiving second place in a Transformation tournament, the Black Cat Award and the Sabrina Award.

  5. mattrs

    thank you for subbing my favorite show of this and last season. also if that status panel is right. thank you from the deepest part of my heart for subbing the ova of amanchu, that was my favorite show in 2016 (flying witch was on second place)


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