Little Witch Academia – 14

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I came here to laugh at you

This episode was too real and/or Orwellian for me. Plus, the bully bullying is neverending. But fair warning; if you’re the kind of loser who didn’t like the dragon episode, just stop watching now. It’s only going to get more painful for you and your proletariat brain.


27 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 14

  1. Dear

    Dear Asenshi. subs I WUV YU uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nigger nao THICC Episode 15 Chariot of Fire ly UPLOADTHEFUCKINGTHING Post Akko. PRISU AKKO / ANDREW 2020
    >MAKE LUNA NOVA GREAT AGAIN already 5 minutes. Where’s your god now? I want to fit Miss Marjolaine’s entire foot long cock into my mouth and viciously milk her cum right into my throat without spilling a drop. FUCK Subs are here! SASUGA i want to touch chariot’s radiator hair Reminder that Marjolaine is probably over 100 years old and that she is a G I L F IPA/Dab fag here, where my other drunk/high LWA posters at. Let’s discuss why Akko is /ourgirl/ SEED NAO Downloading at 300 kb/sec. Anons are great. Thank you. Someone send it.

    PD: Don’t forget to seed you first-world anime enthusiasts!

  2. starss

    Hey I am very grateful that you guys seem to be the most popular sub group covering this show when Netflix is playing the waiting game. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  3. Dear

    (In all seriousness, thank you. Even if they are not-that-late you still do a pretty terrific job and I am looking forward into supporting you guys once I have the opportunity)

      1. Cels

        Well, somehow I don’t agree with you. The OP song melody, beat and lyric is very matched with visual animation. It’s make a feel of progression, like how this show (supposedly) wanted to convey in the second cour. Progression about akko, the school, and arcturus misteries is pretty much compiled in the OP.

        And ED, yeah, I think it’s more or less is same as the first cour with more fancy and stylistic animation. Heck, I think I like this cours ED animation more than last cours.

  4. LeRusso

    I listened to OP2 and ED2 four times and I started accepting them, though I still don’t feel them.
    Moods are a-changin.

  5. TeruMoko♥

    My proletarian brain just wants more witches. Or rather it needs more witches. Be they little, big, or middling, thanks for bringing the witches!


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