Little Witch Academia – 13

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pifitufl sacrifieces

I’d like to apologize for the additional delay. Our initial 12+12-hour release window for this episode was a tad bit too optimistic, which is entirely my fault. Direct your sticks and stones at me. This was our first bad weekend out of 13 so far, and I hope it will be the last. At least the Wixoss crowd knows the pain of >waiting for Asenshi.

This was a neat mid-season finale to the first cours of Little Witch Academia. Some bits reminded me of Umakoshi’s mushi animation in Mushishi Zoku-Shou, which is a cool thing to be reminded of. They say the fun times are over now that we are entering the second cours, but we’ll see if our girl Akko will let that happen.


20 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 13

  1. TeruMoko♥

    Thanks so much for working on LWA! Please don’t worry about little slip ups, you guys consistently exceed my expectations!
    What the heck is Sucy doing? LOL! Pitiful sacri-feces is more like it!

  2. Wildcards

    A Sunday is just not the same without LWA!

    Thanks so much for your excellent work as usual!

    Will you be re-releasing Episode 12 with Vajarois’ name corrected?

    1. Ianu Post author

      We won’t patch episode 12, but we will of course fix the spelling for the eventual batch release.

  3. Brian

    What were those cube chainy things at the end? How can they have a finale leaving me hanging like that??!

  4. Jaa81102423

    Not sure if you guys check comments of your torrents on or ignore them so I’ll say it here as well.

    I watched the episode and I’d like to point out that the female plural of alumnus is alumnae and not alumna, still great work which I highly appreciate.

    1. joletb

      We check almost every place for feedback so don’t worry.
      Anyway, this will be fixed for the BD releases, thanks for pointing it out!

  5. Ikan Lele

    Didn’t feel the delay coz I downloaded it today 🙂
    Also a one day delay is much better than waiting for weeks.
    Btw, any news about YuYuYu:Washio Sumi? XD Thx


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