Little Witch Academia – 12

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Pick two as your roommates

Couple of notes this episode. The Samhain Festival is actually called the Magic Festival in Japanese, but it’s written Samhain everywhere in English. It really has little to do with magic and more to do with the origins of Halloween, so I have no idea what Trigger is thinking.

As for the Grand Triskelion revealed last episode, we have more information now. In Japanese, the kanji given for it are 究極魔法, meaning ultimate magic. That should give us a bit more to work off of if they didn’t already say it in the Witchpedia.


16 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 12

  1. Enamelthyst

    Blast it, you’re making me hyperaware that the sexiest witches would be the worst roommates.

    Constanze is clearly best roommate (quiet AND useful); it’s a struggle to choose between Jasminka (my first instinct, since I’d always have snacks on hand and she’s good at cleaning, but if I’m wrong and she’s constantly rustling her bags in the middle of the night or deafeningly flatulent or something she could seriously backfire) and Lotte (the obvious safe choice) for the second.

      1. Enamelthyst

        Sucy is 110% my favorite witch, but I really don’t want to be experimented upon in my sleep, suffocated by mushrooms, and dragged down by a roommate who refuses to perform even the most basic housekeeping tasks. My GPA is too important for that. I need at the least a roommate who’s not interfering with my studies—Sucy is both sexually distracting and an academic disaster.

  2. rhino63

    “It really has little to do with magic and more to do with the origins of Halloween, so I have no idea what Trigger is thinking.”

    I think they watched that one Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode.

  3. Ryanoymous

    As note, Samhain was originally a celtic religious holiday.
    The celtic religion was imbued with the divine. While with time become Halloween, originally was a religious occasion where the supernatural world touched the “natural” one (which means, magic).

    1. Marin

      Actually, Samhain was a festival which had more to do with the otherworld and the souls of the dead, rather than divine beings such as gods. It was similar to the Day of the Dead from Mexico. The celts were interesting people, weren’t they? I once read in a book that they kept the skull of the warriors they defeated, kind of like a good luck charm! haha

      1. Ryanoymous

        Yes, it was related to the otherworld and souls of the dead (I did read about that some years ago, so I’m somewhat rusty. Being non-fluent in English doesn’t help in explaining this stuff). But celtic years and festivities were cyclic, which means each thing was related to everything else. The otherworld wasn’t the western “underworld” but literally an “other”world, and the souls of the dead rested there before “coming back”, there was even a god that would die on Samhain and then come back to life 6 moths later. All the supernatural phenomena were related in one way or another.
        If I remember rightly, the Day of the Dead in Mexico is related to a native tradition mixed to some old ispanic tradition wich in turn is connected to a celto-ispanic tradition (best chance are Galician -> Galaecian -> Gallaeci, a celtic population who migrated in spain some centuries before the Punic Wars, or the celtiberic Numantians)


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