Little Witch Academia – 11

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excuse me, ma’am, do you have a moment to talk about my lord and savior shiny chariot?

Sometimes, editing is an exercise in failing. Ever try, ever fail. We assume there is a pattern to the spell names, most likely based on some Gaelic or Anglic language, only that we couldn’t confirm it yet; some spells sound dangerously close to having Latin or Ancient Greek stems. And whatever they’re derived from or mixed and matched with, they’re converted from Latin script to kana and filtered through Japanese scriptwriters and seiyuu before they reach our ears (and CCs). Well, fuck.

This episode is introducing a trope from Gaelic folktales. That is good news, since it gives us a solid hint. It is also bad news, since it means I can study phonology charts and keep combining and recombining morphemes for hours on end, but I still can’t not fuck editing this up; I wish I were a savant, but I’m of middling intellect and mediocre skill. No matter, try again: Until we get a definitive source, we have to do something. So we’ll fail again, but maybe we’ll fail better as we keep working towards it, until we find it in our hands.


15 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 11

  1. rhino63

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Most people are not well versed in witchcraft stuff and I guess even historians would have trouble because Elevens can’t pronounce foreign words for shit.

  2. Dracom Zang

    This is completely ambiguous and can go both ways, but do you think that Woodward is not actually a Professor? I know that Chariot refers to her as sensei, but in this context, sensei might be closer to “mentor” than “Professor”, since Wordward doesn’t seem to be affiliated to Luna Nova. What do you guys think?

    1. Akatsukin

      As confirmed by the Witchpedia, she’s the only surviving member of the Nine Olde Witches who founded the academy. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she really did teach there herself, considering Pisces is a teacher too. I of course see what you mean, and it’s an unfortunate artifact of translation.

  3. Zest814

    Is “Phaidoari Afairryngho” a your transliteration of a word written in kana or is it linked with some Gaelic/Irish name, legends, etc?
    Thk u in advace! 🙂

    1. Akatsukin

      It’s a best attempt at guessing how to spell a made up word, it’s not real like Claiomh Solais is.

  4. poto

    Finally a decent episode. I really liked the OVA and the movie but the last episodes were not exactly interesting.

  5. Tank252ca

    Thanks for giving us something besides Horri…. 😛
    Really enjoyed the OVA and movie as well so this series has been a treat. Japanese to English is always a chore but by all appearances you’re doing a fine job. ????


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