Little Witch Academia – 09

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Old meme or zen koan? You decide

A reminder of our mortality, side characters you thought you’d never see again, and background on the story. What more could you want?


10 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 09

  1. Durahl

    Anyone else slightly disappointed with the Series compared to it’s two Movies beforehand?

    Unless this is going to be a 24-26 EP Show I’m not really having high hopes for this to come to a not rushed conclusion where Akko will finally get to know who Ursula is and why she’s in hiding or a hold of using magic on her own accord other than every once in a while by a miracle while using either the Shiny Rod or Shiny Arc.

    The Animation is, IMHO, also very lackluster when compared to the Movies.

    What the hell just happened…

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      Read the sidebar and also learn how anime is produced, specifically the difference between OVAs and TV series.

    2. Gor

      Yes, it’s utter filth (i’m srs).
      Alongside Trickster and Seiren, aiming for the worst anime of the year award.
      Sometimes I hate being a part of the no-drop master race crew


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