Little Witch Academia – 03

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Is this Witchkatsu?

Did you ever use to dream of flying as a child? I once got the idea to wear shopping bags over my back and use them like a parachute. Thankfully I’m not quite as much a moron as Akko is. Then again, she’s actually becoming a real witch who can fly. Maybe I should’ve jumped…


25 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 03

        1. Ianu

          No, their schedule is very good for this show. They’ve been producing the episodes a good month and a half in advance. Putting them up on YouTube and their site is a way to generate and maintain buzz.

  1. Dracom Zang

    Apologies for this question if it’s something obvious, but do I need to update any of my codecs or filters? The subs actually line break in weird places and go over to the next line…

      1. Dracom Zang

        I extracted the sub file and noticed what was causing the issue. It seems that the lines with a manual line break (/N) was causing messing with the auto line break function of the player, causing two lines to be displayed as three. Is there a specific fix for this? Is this codec related? I really appreciate your advice.

        1. joletb

          Your subtitle renderer doesn’t support in-line margins and therefore just assumes the default margins left in the dialogue style. As I’ve said before, get CCCP and start using MPC-HC as a player and you should be good to go.

          1. Dracom Zang

            I am using MPC-HC, with VSFilter as my sub renderer. I’ve extracted various other sub files from other subgroups like WhyNot and Some-Stuffs and it seems to support in-line margins just fine… Which is bizarre. Perhaps it’s just something to do with the dialogue style.

          2. Dracom Zang

            Whoops! It seems like the version of xy-VSFilter I was using was ancient. Issue resolved upon updating! Once again, thanks for your patience and advice! 🙂

  2. LeRusso

    Thank you for the release! Just a thought: at 9:02 your wrote, “This broom brings disaster”. It actually says “Higeki no Houki,” which means “The broom of tragic saga” or “Tragic saga of the broom.” It follows the previous line that says it is destined to come back to the cage no matter how it escapes because of the device.

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      While I follow your logic, I think that interpretation would only work for “houki no higeki”, not “higeki no houki”. We did discuss that line though, and in either case he’s bringing attention to the fact that happy times do not associate with that broom.

  3. LeRusso

    Hi, Let’s say we’re having this discussion because we’re not Japanese speakers. They woudn’t have problem hearing the line correctly. English speakers hear the line differently. The shopkeeper thinks and talks like Japanese, which sounds odd to me, because the characters in these episodes are mostly Westerners. I agree with you if you’re a bit confused.

    Japanese speakers would hear “Higeki no Houki” as part of a long sentence that begins with the previous line. It’s not a declamatory sentence without S+V. The shopkeeper draws conclusion, after a pause, by saying the broom is doomed: it’s a tragedy for the broom. Saying “higeki no heroine” is a common expression in Japanese and such characterization of the broom fits here. Whatever the curse the device attached to the broom may do, it brings disaster to the broom, not the other way around as your TL says. The following line gives one good reason why [someone] put the device on the broom, and the shopkeeper didn’t call the aftermath of the broom’s escape a disaster. In his reasoning, the curse put on the broom brings tragedy that befalls the broom itself. That’s a “houki no higeki” (the broom’s tragedy) and also the “higeki no houki” (the doomed broom).

  4. LeRusso

    Well, I just remembered that the sentence structure used by the shopkeeper in this line was the same as his previous remark that ended with “Kiken na Houki.” In the next sentence he ended with “Higeki no Houki”. He described the broom in two different ways, and the pause before saying “Kiken na Houki” wasn’t as noticeable as the one before “Higeki no Houki”. Hearing correctly, your TL in the first line was “It’s a dangerous broom that…” Following the same structure, the line with “Higeki no Houki” would go like “[But] it’s a doomed broom…”


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