Little Witch Academia – 02

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I love the bitch witches, Hanna and Barbera. They have an eye for leaders too

I thought I was done with magic card games for girls, but it seems I was wrong. Just make Barbera play blue and we have Wixoss all over again. Special thanks to Laxx for the hot new banner.

joletb here: With this post, we’re announcing that we will be also doing the BDs of LWA! Look forward to even more magic!


24 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 02

  1. Ashram

    My only complaint is that the credits of the ED make it really hard to read the translations and the romaji. Maybe separate them like some sub groups do, romaji on top, English on bottom and make it a different color?

    1. joletb

      Hello, joletb here, the stylist of the OP/ED songs. Yes, I do agree with your comment, it really does collude too much with the credits.
      I’ll be very likely restyling the ED song for ep3+ so that it’s much better on the eyes.

  2. FinstererDrache

    Thanks, btw Wixoss might be intended as a card game for girls, but it didnt worked like that, because 80% of the players are male right now, at least from the what I read in I-Net.

    1. joletb

      Yeah, episode 14 has had some production issues, episodes 15+ should be out on the first day of the airing though.


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