Kuroko no Basuke 2 – Episode 01

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Now THIS is basketball!

We’ll be most likely doing only this show for Fall due to my terrible schedule and not having a lot of staff for this season.


13 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basuke 2 – Episode 01

  1. HeavenlyArmed

    Please note: “The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays”which you may have seen in the OP was the studio’s (hilariously awful-sounding) translation for the title of the show. Don’t complain to us about it, as our ow typesetting used the much simpler “Kuroko’s Basketball” as shown in the screenshot.

  2. njd09

    Thanks for subbing this, guys. Been suffering through CR for too long. Shame you guys won’t be able to do next season too, but I’m just glad to get anything for this show.

  3. ninjacloud

    Thanks guys, your release is much better than CR/HS in many ways, thanks for doing this and I’ll be happy to see your future releases too ^__^.


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