Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau – 01

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Easily the most beautiful anime of the season

We’re back, and welcome to Autumn of 2017. As you saw below, our pick for the season is Children of the Whales. Once again Netflix has blessed us with the opportunity to save anime—I only wish they would do the same for the other two dozen series airing right now. But that aside, there are a few little notes that would be helpful to understand this show which I’ll explain below.

Their abilities, thymia, are written in kanji as 情念動, which literally means “emotion telekinesis”. Although explained by the characters, it’s self-evident in Japanese. Also from the official glossary at this link, the shapes above their heads and around what they control is called their aura.

Apathoia, as well as the writing and spelling of Lykos’s name, appear to have Greek origins. Apathoia of course coming from the word apathy, or a-pathos.

Most of the characters are named after historic and outdated names for Japanese colors. A list can be found here.

Moreover, this allows us to understand the title of the ED, Hashitairo. An explanation can be found here, but more important is justification for the more or less made up color we used, half-cold purple. Cold purple comes from a color chart I found here, and the “half” part is expounded upon in the first link. Put simply, the name in Japanese literally means halfway between deep and light purple. It has a very interesting explanation about dyes, royalty, and so on, but I hope that gives you an idea of where this strange name came from. Different cultures have vastly different names for colors that change throughout the ages, so it shouldn’t be surprising how difficult it can be to approximate.

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40 thoughts on “Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau – 01

  1. Elayan

    Thank you very much for picking it up. I was a bit worried that I had to wait till the BD release to be able to watch it.

    1. waowao

      BTW I’m intrigued about the traditional Japanese colour palette you mentioned so I did a bit more searching. Here I found a quite comprehensive list of the colours. (https://www.colordic.org/w/) Although (unrelated to the translation properties), the hex colour code (and thus resulting colour) sometimes differ between the two links.

  2. e_f

    Oh, thanks! God bless evildoers (like ntflx) that you can save anime from.
    But can you also post a magnet? Pretty please?

    1. joletb

      Quite possibly, this show has a large amount of backgrounds that are incredibly detailed, not to mention that it’s all encoded in 1080p.

          1. ano

            don’t count me as on of public, count me as “kawaii encoder want this raw for non-english fansubbing purpose”

    1. joletb

      No, sorry. We’ve decided to roll with one resolution releases (especially for TV) since like months, mainly because we’re starting to lack space to store everything without resorting to donations.

  3. bubblum

    Hello and thank you for this! But would it be too much to ask for releases that are friendlier to low-energy media centers (i.e. not 10bit). Or, at least, 10bit h265, which is supported by some of those media centers (in contrast to the no existence of a 10 bit h264 hardware decoder)

    Thank you again!

    1. joletb

      We don’t provide 8bit H.264 encodes, sorry. And the switch to H.265 isn’t happening yet. (mainly due to quality issues)

  4. Spikey

    ‘Apathoia of course coming from the word apathy, or a-pathos.’

    The direct translation of Άπάθεια is in fact apathy.

    Isn’t the sounding it out from Greek to English “Apatheia”?
    Mainly due to it being written as the sounding in Greek to make the English name.

    Since the “o” completely changes the sounding of the end.

    I’m also getting no results for “Apathoia” and if I do get any results it redirects to either Apatheia or Apathy.

    1. Akatsukin

      Maybe. The thing is that there’s hardly any good/official information on this stuff in English, and Viz (who I assume would have more information and contact with the author) hasn’t released anything yet. In Japanese though they do pronounce the modern word apathy as アパシー (apashii), and “Apatoia” (which is phonetic) is different. So are they just sounding out Άπάθεια? If so, we would still need to write it in the subs differently. As it is, we’re already writing it as Apathoia and not Apatoia.

      1. Spikey

        Well what you guys currently have is definitely closer in sounding it out, compared to that “apatoia” since θ makes a “th” sound and not a “t” sound. So stick with what you have then.

        Oh, forgot to write “thanks for picking this up” in my other comment.

    1. joletb

      Sorry, but I think this is actually the first time I’ll have to reject a banner from you. Mainly because it’s too cluttered and the colors really… don’t mesh too well.

      We still appreciate your work, though!

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