Koufuku Graffiti dropped like a hot potato

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Fuck cooking

Fuck cooking

Yes, due to unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances, over half the team for this release is unable to sub this show any longer. I know you were all excited for Shinbo and Okada’s new masterpiece, but you’ll just have to grin and bear it. CR and at least two other groups are doing it, so at least you won’t go hungry. Still, I did go through the effort of translating the opening song by Sakamoto Maaya (and Rasmus Faber), so you can at least have that.

The very first person to recognize
the feeling we now call happiness

must have named it something that is now known to all
So mysterious and dear it is
that we cannot help but to share
An irreplaceable emotion
that uplifts you to the far reaches of the stratosphere
Happiness may be hidden to the eye
but with someone it’s felt inside as clearly as the sky
That smile floating to your face
compels me to reach out in joy
On lonely days just say who you wanna meet
On tearful nights just wail your heart out
On heartfelt days let’s confess our love
To you, my beloved

19 thoughts on “Koufuku Graffiti dropped like a hot potato

  1. Wasabi-kun

    Nooo… Why Asenshi…?! WHY?! YOU KILLED ME ='( I wanted to watch this anime by Asenshi!!! TT____TT!! How cruel ;___;

  2. Hearts

    It’s a shame, but on the other hand, I’m glad you guys are being realistic about workload management. That means your other projects are more likely to succeed. The world doesn’t need any more half-finished fansubs.

    Best of luck with everything and thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Marek

      Oh, that sounds like such a great idea. The total lack of subs for Absolute Duo and World Break is driving me insane… But if the staff is not interested, there’s nothing we can do, not good result can come from forcing someone to work on something they don’t want to do.


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