Kiznaiver BD Vol. 1

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dark with excessive bright

Last time we released a BD, Clinton was president. Next time we release a BD, Clinton will be president… again?! We live in postmodern times.

The dialogue script has been updated, and the opening and ending KFX as well as the typesetting have been reworked. The encode, needless to say, is beautiful.

Links are deprecated due to the NyaaTorrents shutdown, please visit this post for a batched release with new links.


12 thoughts on “Kiznaiver BD Vol. 1

  1. Bacardi

    Thanks a bunch for doing the BD’s as well.
    Have not the slightest idea why that series bombed like the typical LN advertisement low budget show.

    This one here is definitely good, so your attention for it is appreciated.

  2. Cloud*

    Thank you for releasing this in BD – Haven’t had a chance to watch yet but was hoping you’d do BDs xD

    Can’t wait to dive into it 🙂


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