Kiznaiver — 12

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We now know the name of the emotion we felt that day

We now know the name of the emotion we felt that day

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And thus ends yet another incredible journey. While I would love to give a lecture on the show here, it is neither the time nor place to do so. We thank you for watching the show properly, given the care from each of us that it deserves to give you the best experience possible. And if you liked it, then stick around a bit for the upcoming Wixoss movie BDs and new series. We’re excited for the next chapter to come. Thanks again for sharing in this pain and journey with us.

Staff List:
Mutilation: Crunchyroll (1-12)
Translation Checking: Akatsukin (1-12)
Editing: Ianu (1-12)
Timing: Ianu (1-12)
Typesetting: Ephemere (1-12)
Encoding: joletb (1), vinylfreak89 (2-12)
Quality Checking: Akatsukin (1-2,4-12), Ianu (3), joletb (1,12)
Song Styling: joletb, Akatsukin
Song Translation: Akatsukin

14 thoughts on “Kiznaiver — 12

  1. Anonymous

    Another year again, it was a pleasure to be with you guys. Hope the WIXOSS series and BD too.
    May Humanity come closer to understand each other as we do.

  2. HokaHoka

    Thanks for the hard work and for another amazing series.
    It’s good when the series has a more or less proper ending =D


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