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Links are deprecated due to the NyaaTorrents shutdown, please visit this post for a batched release with new links.


Pay attention to the parallels to the first episode.  Flying Witch 11 didn’t air yesterday, so naturally we couldn’t sub it; we don’t have the technology yet. Expect a whale of a double episode (and a bit of a delay) plus the final episode of Kiznaiver next weekend.

Aka: Also naturally, we released this episode much later than we usually do. More time to finish obviously means more time to delay. I was going to wax poetic just now, but I believe in all of you and your ability to understand. After all, we’ve been connected this whole time through our subs.

9 thoughts on “Kiznaiver — 11

  1. Transmic

    Thanks for the release 🙂

    Also, there’s minor sub error at ~4:30: “Your friends we just met, what where they like before?”
    (“… what [were] they like before?” perhaps?)

    Thank again.

  2. bobby b

    Hey there seems to be a small typo at 4:30. The “where” should be “were”. Thanks for subbing this show 🙂


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