Kiznaiver — 07

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You can tell who the really crazy ones are from birth

You can tell who the really crazy ones are from birth

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It’s when you think you have it all figured out that you realize you truly know nothing.

Here’s a philosophy lesson that’s briefly referenced. It begins with the foundation that the only “reality” is that which you perceive, and that includes every other person you meet. Just as they only exist insofar as you know them, you only exist in how others know you. Therefore the “you” inside everyone you meet is different, and each of them is an accurate representation. And as a single person, you may also do anything you wish to your own representations of people you know, their existences inside of you. Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

15 thoughts on “Kiznaiver — 07

      1. Fireboltfury

        Yeah it’s some pretty silly stuff. This was the same thing they were going on about in evangelion iirc

  1. HokaHoka

    Thanks a lot for the release.
    Also as for me I only believe what I see with my own eyes. I don’t care what others say or think about. I go and choose what I want for what I see and think!

    1. Cezar

      So you don’t believe in the existence of air? What about Jupiter? Do you believe in Jupiter’s existence? Or Uranus? What do you think about atoms? Do they exist?

      1. HokaHoka

        Those are questions there aren’t even questioned. There are theories to explain it. As for atoms I saw them from Chemical classes. As for Jupiter and Uranus they are planets in our solar system. Although I didn’t saw them with my own eyes there are photos, scientific proves it does exist. Then do you really think the theory of Earth being round is true? Are you sure it’s the Sun the center of our galaxy?
        Those are questions with a answer that was already proved. What I wanted to mean is there is no way I will believe in something with no proves that I can “grab” and support or not. I do believe in what I can say it’s “true”. Not just because one says so. I can’t approve something which I don’t have guarantee it’s reality.

  2. pikopika

    Hi, I just caught up so here are all the unreported errors I found after watching Episodes 1 to 7.
    Episode 02
    18:31 “You used sing Momotaro song spoofs!”
    “to” should be added after “used”.

    Episode 03
    19:35 “Feels what?”
    I’m not sure if this is really an error, but I thought it should be “feel” instead of “feels” after reading over the previous sentence (19:30 “At this point, we have to make sure he feels it all the way down to his bones.”).

    Episode 04
    10:16 “So you’ve got to tell us beforehand when do something surprising like that, okay?”
    There should be “you” added after “when”.

    Episode 07
    16:04 “I don’t to read it to know the contents.”
    “need” should be added after the first “to”.

    20:11 “How can you act so serious when you’re covered head to toe is seaweed?”
    “is” should be replaced with “in”.
    I’m sorry in advance for the long comment. I would rather email this message. lol I hope this helped if you plan to release v2s or batches otherwise this was just something I wanted to do. Thank you for the releases thus far. I look forward to any future releases!

    1. Ianu

      Thank you, mate, much appreciated! All these mistakes are on me. I’ll make sure to fix them for the TV batch.

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