Kiznaiver — 06

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gomorin squad up in this bitch

Links are deprecated due to the NyaaTorrents shutdown, please visit this post for a batched release with new links.

This video of Kayanon going sake shopping may or may not have contributed to our slight delay:


Notes. Hisomu, rather esoterically, makes a reference to an oldish manga called Satorare at 4:37. This manga is about geniuses who are so smart that they can’t help but telepathically project their thoughts to everyone around them. Therefore the correct translation is not that they’re “mind readers”, but that their thoughts and feelings are projected.

Boukyaku burikko, in more words than we could’ve used, means a girl who acts ditsy in an attempt to be cute and also has an element of forgetting things. In other words, she pretends to have forgotten stuff to act cute.

Charles contains Ruru in Japanese and Macking contains Maki.

Saibamen are from Dragonball Z.

I’m sorry I couldn’t fix the manjuu bun line. The pun is 不満の饅頭 “fuman no fumanjuu” since they sound similar. Many man hours went into the line but we ended up with what you saw. That’s the best our technology can do.

9 thoughts on “Kiznaiver — 06

  1. Transmic

    Thanks for the release 🙂

    Also, there’s a minor sub error at ~6.19: “What?s” (extra “s”).

  2. Ajay (@AnimeAjay)

    Hi there

    Just for a note for if you do a batch and/or Blu-ray release, it should be “Sabaimen” instead of “Saibamen”. The latter was an incorrect dub term coined by FUNimation.

    Their name comes from the Japanese word “saibai”, meaning “cultivation”, making them the “Cultivation Men”.

    Source Spelling: 栽培/saibai
    Name Spelling: 栽培マン/Saibaiman

    Thanks for the great work, otherwise!


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