Kiznaiver — 04

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Ha ha, I finally get to profess my love for Nico

Ha ha, I finally get to profess my love for Nico

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They play shiritori/word chain in this episode, so have fun with those subs. Also, somehow CR doesn’t understand torture devices, despite their releases being one. Ooh, sick burn. Nico is love.

7 thoughts on “Kiznaiver — 04

  1. Transmic

    Thanks for the episode 🙂
    Just a heads up, there’s minor sub error at ~ 3.39:
    “That’s nothing be so casual about!”
    (“That’s nothing [to] be so casual about!” perhaps?)

  2. Flower

    Nick is my fave among the cast, but the cast overall is beginning to grow on me – really enjoyed their interactions this episode.

  3. HokaHoka

    As always some work in the series and super fast!
    Thanks for it. Keep the awesome work (with or without typos (above comment)).

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