Kiznaiver — 02

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typesetting three shows at the same time

The thing I don’t want people to know about me the most? Anime.

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Akatsukin: Literally days after I sperged about Okada two equivalently crazy blogs wrote posts just as long or longer. It’s a good time to be a fan. Still haven’t seen Mayoiga yet though.

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      1. d00d

        Just wondering but how come you guys didn’t include lyrics for the OP? Is it hard to make out what they’re saying?

      1. Anon

        Oh you added the 2nd one, cheers. Very interesting write-ups, thanks. I had to skip over some of the bits that included spoilers for stuff I haven’t seen yet, but it helped me appreciate her much more as a writer and also helps me understand possible reasons why people may dislike her / are unable to connect to her writing on a personal level since she (and a couple other popular writers) seem to get a lot of hate and I didn’t really get why since most people won’t explain themselves beyond using buzzwords, really vague arguments that don’t actually mean anything, and stuff that seems to be mostly at the fault of their inability to read between the lines or sympathize with the characters due to lacking experience with the kind of character drama in her shows and/or their dislike towards (as one of the links put it) her “grandiose emotional scenes” / melodrama.

        It’s a bit of a shame that there are some inconsistencies and/or that she doesn’t control more than she does in some series, though. I was wondering why most of Spread seemed so bad compared to the first season. If it meant stuff like that not happening, I’d rather her take it easy and write a bit few shows so she can focus on making the ones she’s writing better / not having stuff like Spread or inconsistencies in various series happen.

        Looking at the stuff she was on the staff of it seems to be slightly hit or miss at times for my personal tastes, but on average I’d say she’s good enough that if I see her on the staff list of seasonal stuff I’ll give it a try regardless of who else is working on it. Will have to check out more of the older shows she has written some time since I haven’t really gone out of the way to do so yet.

  1. slackzy

    But I got a scare when Audio didn’t work in potplayer. Saw that it used AAC LTP. I just needed to change the decoder library from “System MFT” to “Opencodec libFAAD2”; if it helps anyone.

    1. Ianu Post author

      That is actually intentional. We decided to go with “Kizna” in reference to the show’s title.


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