Jormungand Batch!

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Links are deprecated due to the NyaaTorrents shutdown, please visit this post for a batched release with new links.

That was faster than I expected. It’s got v2’s and stuff so you get to redownload all the massive grainy episodes!
EDIT: Here’s a patch for episode 8 (it failed to upload properly resulting in a couple of corrupted frames and one missing line from the .ass) Patch
Make sure that the 08v2 is in the same directory as the patch, then just run apply_patch.bat and you should get [Asenshi] Jormungand – 08v3 [3EA4C85B].mkv in a couple of minutes.

Group comment time!

I didn’t think I would watch this show. Luckily it turned out to be one of the better ones. I really hope there isn’t as much grain (or any) in the next season because these took forever for me to DL.


Time time time time to attack!
This show is fucking awesome.

Staff credits in a bit.


15 thoughts on “Jormungand Batch!

  1. sandybridge

    mee too Duckward…. i dont even bother to watch until ep 10…. after knew that this anime very amazing, i watch the whole 10 ep in 3hours

  2. bambi

    CRC for episode 8 in batch is wrong (tried to download it two times). Does it mean episode 8 file is corrupted or only CRC is wrong?

  3. Serpent Norseshiji

    Hey! thanks for the batch! been wonderful to watch your subs… so what did you add in the v2?

    1. furzi

      New OP/ED styles, fixed a lot of timing errors and misspellings, fixed a consistency error and added the translation for the second ED (which is played back during episode 4)

  4. joeshmoe

    Thanks for the batch. It looks like ep8 is missing subs at 13:50, for the first line that Koko says.

    1. furzi

      Are you sure about that?
      I just checked the .ass and the dialogue is there.
      I’ll check the episode myself later on.

      My mistake, get the patch from the post.

  5. npz

    I get CRC of C820005C for ep 08
    Did you accidentally change something after finalizing/generating the hash but before uploading the batch perhaps?

    1. furzi

      Looks like that it got corrupted while uploading, going to make a patch for it in about 30 minutes.
      Updated the main post with the link to the patch.

  6. flossifer

    I believe your version was tagged as the best by, sweeping past the rotting carcass that was gg (for whom I will light a candle in past appreciation, and bring gasoline if necessary.)

    Good News: an IRC channel!
    Good News: A bot and packlist
    Good News: This series will be there soon?

    1. furzi

      I really have no idea, probably not because I’m busy with a lot stuff right now.
      I’ll make an update post soon.


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