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  1. Alexander Chen

    I noticed that in episode 12 of Little Witch Academia, you called the ghost Bachoalawy and used male pronouns, while in episode 13 of LWA, you switched to Vajarois and female pronouns (judging by the ghost’s “happy” form, seems correct). I was wondering if you ever go back and “patch” the subs to be consistent. My Japanese is pretty sub par so it could be that the language in ep. 12 pointed to male pronouns/ambiguous pronouns, but I was just curious on the consistency of the subtitles. I do enjoy your work for LWA and thank you for putting out subtitles for the series relatively fast. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ianu

    Since I don’t really have the option to move comments, I’ll answer you here. Japanese has a distinct lack of gendered pronouns, and there weren’t any real context clues that’d have let us identify her as female, so we guessed. We guessed wrong.

    As for her name: I tried to approximate the audio using orthography rules of Gaelic languages, mapping possible morphemes to the phonemes, but her name ended up being closest to Castilian in terms of enunciation, so ???. Shit sucks, but it can’t be helped.

    We’ll of course fix this for the eventual batch release, but we won’t release a patch for the episode.

    1. joletb

      First, I suggest not posting this many comments in a row since you’re getting stuck in the spam queue.
      Second, no.


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