Hisone to Masotan – 12

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Hisone and Masotan

Everything has once more come to a close, and a new beginning of rebirth. While thinking upon and overcoming each of their own regrets and insecurities, we’ve watched all of these characters reach a new chapter of their lives. Although it was only a small amount of time, and they were only able to change one tiny part of history, the waves of repercussions will travel into the future, and hopefully be able to change someone else’s life for the better. Translating Hisone and Masotan did have its difficulties, as many fantasy themed anime have, but at the core of it the heart and soul of each character remained my impetus and guiding light each week. And from here on out, even if only a little, I too will think hard on what I take for granted, and the value that exists between me and others. And maybe, if I can, I’ll become a little more honest in my own life, both to myself and to those around me. Thank you once more for joining us on this flight through Okada Mari’s (and Higuchi Shinji’s) world. May you shine brighter than the stars.

tsuru: Hello hello, tsuru here. HisoMaso was an… interesting show to work on. Between the military terminology and ranks; the weird English (?) terms like ‘レアメタル’; obscure titles (taifu and the rest); their own personal terms like matsurigoto, fushido, and kusabime, all three of which we got wrong; and random other crap (the legendary comm-bus, which thankfully only showed up the one time), the show exacted a blood toll, though at least it was Japanese this time and not Greek. Overall, it was a bit different and just about entertaining enough, but perhaps a little like the $20 box of White Lovers I saw in my local supermarket the other day: probably decent, but not at that price. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed coming dragonvoring with us and agree that Iiboshi is best girl. Tune in again next season for batch fixing, mountain climbing, magic casting, room camping, and last touring. Thanks as always for watching.


Supervision: joletb (1)
Translation: Akatsukin
Editing: tsuru
Timing: Akatsukin
Typesetting: joletb
Encoding: joletb
Quality Checking: Akatsukin, joletb (1)
Song Translation: Akatsukin
ED Edit: tsuru (original)
Song Styling: joletb

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17 thoughts on “Hisone to Masotan – 12

  1. Maki

    Thanks a lot for the hard work! I really enjoyed this series despite having like zero expectations.

  2. Hitokage

    I like the message you’ve written with this release. Thanks for translating this masterpiece! You’ve become a part of it with your subs and brought it to all of us whose Japanese is just not good enough to understand all. I wish I could understand Japanese like you! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  3. scdj

    Thank you very much. Unfortuneatly the song lyrics & subtiles are swapped together in the epilogue. Suggestion for a v2, could you please place the lyrics on top and the subtitles on bottom?

  4. O Sakana

    Thank you so much for picking this up; It shone like a diamond this season and I feel blessed that it was subbed by you guys. Blew past my expectations and I found myself shedding no small amount of tears towards the end.
    Thank you again, Asenshi, がんばってね。

  5. Mormegil

    What a great ending. And great show in general. I’m going to miss it. Thank you for your work on this lovely anime, guys!

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