Hisone to Masotan – 03

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We always need more Saitou Chiwa

Man there is just a ton of acronyms for little reason in this episode. TAC doesn’t mean anything so far as we can tell, but at least RTB and ACM (aerial combat maneuver) are relatively real. Also the so-called “comm-bus” that we had to make up for モーボ appears to only exist in Japan or Asian countries. And if you were curious, Hisone jumps up four whole ranks this episode.

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20 thoughts on “Hisone to Masotan – 03

  1. eelsaremanatees


    Would this be the same usage of TAC as in the episode?
    “TAC stands for Training, Advising and Counseling, and TAC officers oversee the instruction, development and evaluation of cadets or candidates undergoing military training.”

  2. Mirage

    “TAC name” is synonymous with “callsign”, a holdover referencing how pilots were identified in Tactical Air Command’s radio transmissions.

    1. tsuru

      I entirely believe this and it’s clear that it’s some Top Gun type shit, but I couldn’t (after all of five seconds) find an actual source. If you’ve got one I’m in your debt. Mostly it’s a question of whether ‘TAC name’ is used in English at all (cf. ‘aviator call sign’ or something) or if it’s just a Japaneseism.

      1. Jigsaw

        I actually found a good explanation of “TAC name” on pixiv of all places, and like Mirage says it is akin to “callsign” in the west. It most definitely is a Japaneseism since the Air Self Defence Force seems to be the only organization that refers to it as “TAC name.” (Tactical Name)

        I was in Marine Corps Aviation for a number of years and even spent time stationed in Japan, but I’ve never heard the phrase until now. To us, even Japanese aviators were referenced by “callsign” and not “TAC name.”


        1. Mirage

          No source I can point to in a link, but it came up in a conversation with a JASDF pilot when I was stationed in Japan.

          As he described it, Japan didn’t have anything resembling America’s widespread and semi-formal use of callsigns before/during WW2, but adopted it (along with many other radio communications techniques) during cross-training in the 50’s. To here him describe it, whatever “tac” might mean elsewhere, the Japanese use of the term “TAC name” is a specific reference to Tactical Air Command and its proliferate use of callsigns.

          I wasn’t able to verify how much of that was accurate with a quick google, but it sounds plausible, is consistent with the uneven capitalization of “TAC Name” (off the top of my head, this exact capitalization is used in other Japanese media such as Ace Combat), and seems to fit with the way most Japanese “TAC Names” I can think of are in English.

        2. Mirage

          Bottom line, whether “TAC name” is an acronym of Tactical Air Command or a shortening of “tactical” or something else entirely, “TAC Name” isn’t something HtM just made up and is essentially the same thing as a callsign.

          1. tsuru

            Thank you, all of you, for your input; I appreciate it. The distinction between it being a shortening of ‘tactical’ and being the abbreviation for ‘Tactical Air Command’ does matter to me since it informs the capitalization a bit (‘TAC name’ v. ‘tac name’ or something, though now that I type that second one out it looks dumb). For what it’s worth the captions have all caps, but there’s no lowercase to compare it with (‘Forest’ and ‘Mambo Viking’ are in kana, for example) and the Japanese grasp of English, especially with subtle business like this, can often be tenuous.

            From what you guys have said (especially if it’s present in other media this way), we’ll stick with ‘TAC’, but if anyone finds a definitive source claiming it’s short for ‘tactical’ only (i.e. is ‘tac’) then it’ll get reconsidered. Don’t hesitate to point out any mistakes we make with military stuff in general, either, military guys (or if any of you know what the hell the comm-bus actually is). Thanks as always.

          2. Jigsaw

            Here’s an in depth article from the Otakuma Keizai Shimbun about the history and background of TAC names. They also state TAC as an abbreviation of “Tactical.” I think you should stick with the capitalized version anyway since every reference to it I’ve found is also capitalized.


            As far as comm-bus, I’ve never heard that before but when he says, “Alright let’s hit the comm-bus!” I can only assume it’s short for “commercial bus” or on-base transport.

          3. tsuru

            ‘Comm-bus’ was actually us because we don’t know a モーボ is called in English (nor do I personally really understand what the hell it is). It’s intended to be short for ‘communications’, since it appears to be like a mobile ground control or something.

            Thanks for the article.

    2. USAFguy

      “TAC,” in the context of the show, would be short for “tactical.” Tactical callsigns are given to aircrew, which usually involves some sort of story (which only has to be 10% true) involving the person receiving the name. For example, I met a Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot whose callsign was “Cougar.” He got that name because he always hooked up with older women.

      You’re not supposed to use actual names on tactical frequencies, which is why you would use either use the flight/sortie callsign (ex. MAMBO VIKING 01) or a person’s tactical callsign (ex. Forest).

      Source: I’m a USAF guy that does USAF things

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  4. Fen

    Hello, I can’t seem to reply directly to tsuru’s comment above regarding the ‘Comm-Bus’ (モーボ) but I happened to see it on the #ひそねとまそたん twitter feed earlier so I went digging. It’s full name is listed as モービル・コントロール・ユニット or JASDF Mobile Control Unit(MCU-0085) and can be found on the Air Self Defence Force Equipment List wikipedia page.


    There isn’t any detailed information on it’s usage in English, but it’s used to provide another point of view and additional feedback for aircraft takeoffs and landings, just like they commented on the gear and flaps in the episode.

    1. tsuru

      Thanks, knowing the full name actually helps a lot. If it shows up again it might get changed accordingly. Hopefully it don’t, though.


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