Hisone to Masotan – 02

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The goofy hat only makes her cuter

Butts: the episode. And a couple things to mention once more. Domenico Vacca is a real Italian clothes designer. If you don’t recognize Ikushima’s voice, you should watch Yuri Kuma Arashi. If you don’t recognize Jugemu, you should watch Joshiraku. And just to round it out at three, you should watch Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda too. Now, be off and enjoy all the innuendo in a show with thoroughly unerotic art.

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15 thoughts on “Hisone to Masotan – 02

    1. tsuru

      As I understand it ‘AWOL’ sort of implies that they’ll be coming back eventually, whereas I think Nao really did intend to just dip forever, and so ‘desertion’. For stealing the bike, well, that’s a lot crazier than just ‘AWOL’, so ‘gone rogue’.

      1. Jim

        @tsuru I believe you are overthinking this. Until proven otherwise, in the armed forces, desertion is also referred to as being AWOL, (Absent WithOut Leave) “AWOL” carries no implication of future status, just the past/present status of the person being absent without permission.

        1. tsuru

          Insofar as being proven otherwise, Nao did sort of explicitly tell Kakiyasu what was up. Everything I’ve looked at (though I’m certainly no military buff and it was pretty brief) seems to indicate that the differentiator (when there is one) is intent, and in this case I think the intent justified ‘desertion’. ‘AWOL’ leads to all sorts of other unfortunate constructions, too: instead of ‘deserter’ we’d have ‘guy who went AWOL’ and instead of ‘desertion’ we’d have straight up the whole ‘absence without leave’ (though this one’s not too bad).

          Admittedly I didn’t at all consider ‘AWOL’ while I was working on the script. Considering it now I don’t think it’d be unmanageable, but I also still don’t see any reason it’d be preferable to ‘desertion’ (aside from being a little weaker and less damning, which I cede might have been appropriate here). Thanks for bringing it up, though.

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