Heya Camp – Special

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Thanks for waiting! It’s the Heya Camp Special!

This episode is actually much more Yuru Camp in flavour than Heya. There’s actual camping, it’s more or less only Rin, and the atmosphere’s slow and relaxed. Which means it’s much better than the rest of Heya Camp It’s also about ten minutes long. It’s probably the last camping you’ll get before Season 2, so enjoy!


Rin’s somewhere near the Yatsugatake range, which is on the Nagano-Yamanashi border. Well known for pork and pork products, apparently.

The jikobou is a type of mushroom. As far as Wikipedia will tell me, it’s a Nagano term for what’s more widely known as hanaiguchi, Suillus grevillei, ‘Greville’s bolete’. One of those times it seems to make sense just to leave the term as is.

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