Heya Camp – 12

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Welcome to this, the final episode! Thanks for sticking around. I hope you all had a nice time with this nice show! As is typically the case for shorts like this, Heya wasn’t really as good (I’d personally hazard not even close to as good) as its parent Yuru. The writing I’d call a little weaker, the atmosphere a little thinner, the cast a little smaller (best girl was only in two episodes!). But it was charming nonetheless, and we certainly all learned a lot about Yamanashi. Though you all already knew that commercials could make for good anime, didn’t you? Especially that one Subaru one.

Ultimately it was just a stopgap, anyway. Look forward to Yuru Camp Deltwo in Winter 2021! And the movie, uh, sometime!

Thanks for watching!

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8 thoughts on “Heya Camp – 12

  1. best girl is actually Chiaki

    Japanese 2D prefectural tourism commercials are more than just commercials – they’re a art.
    Thanks for this short and sweet dose of Yurus mates!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t get it. Is the part about Chiaki only appearing in two episodes supposed to be the April fools’ joke?

  3. Nick

    Thanks for all your hard work on this series!

    Just wondering, will you guys be subbing the Heya Camp Special Episode in May? The one with the sauna, food, and bike? Or something like that.

    1. tsuru Post author

      I can’t confirm or deny whether we’re doing that special, the movie, or S2 at this point. Sorry!

  4. schwa

    I’ve never actually watched that Subaru ad. Which is funny, because I drive a Subaru, as do my parents. My brother’s had a pair as well.


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