Heya Camp – 11

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how -do- you choose sweet potatoes?

And that concludes the stamp rally! The girls are south of Koufu somewhere. The bathhouse appears to be called Mitama no Yu in reality.

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6 thoughts on “Heya Camp – 11

  1. Mxxs

    Granny says that if sweet potatoes are new, they should be hard and not have any gouge marks, because if it is too soft or has marks on it like it has been hit… That means they are old, watery, and tasteless. So if they wanted some that would break easily, they needed hard and new ones, that couldn’t be pushed with their fingers…

    1. joletb

      Soon! It’s currently stuck at me and I’m dealing with some health issues right now, apologies for the delays.

      1. kanazawa gween tea aficionado

        Thanks for the reply, hope you don’t get corona’d to pieces, がんばってください。


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