Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic — 06

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youko realizes the inescapable reality of human mortality.

I’d like to apologize for our recent tardiness. All staff members are occupied with personal matters, so we decided to take it easy for spring season. We hope to get back on track by the time summer season comes around. Cheers!



12 thoughts on “Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic — 06

    1. Ianu Post author

      No, we aren’t quite dead yet. A key staff member has quit and we’ve been having difficulties finding a replacement. i’ll try to have ep7 out as soon as possible.

          1. Weeb

            Turns out fansubbing is a thankless time-consuming job and the only feedback you ever get is either mindless cocksucking from weeaboos or snarky hate from other groups and self-proclaimed experts who consider your omission of a comma to literally make a release unwatchable.

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