Flying Witch — 09

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gap moe: the return of a dear old release pic tradition

You can find out which type of animal character you are here. We did so among us, and it’s surprisingly/eerily accurate. It’s also turning you a bit more anime, and remember, every little bit counts if you one day want to see the sky over Neo Venezia.

Please post your results. You may or may not be relentlessly bullied off our blog if you’re not compatible with us.



25 thoughts on “Flying Witch — 09

  1. VSxERLolitaku428

    Thanks for all releases you guys do, I say that way too rarely…also, Silver Pegasus, fitting except for the “can’t take center stage”-part.

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  3. przemoc

    Thanks for delivering FW this season.
    — Brown panther

    Regarding Neo-Venezia, I am a bit disappointed by Avvenire, even though I am very happy it has been produced and I am enjoying each new episode. I guess I just hoped for more than tad new content mixed with reanimated recaps…
    Only ~2w for next and unfortunately last Aria installment.


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