Flying Witch — 08

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what sound does an anzu make?

Akatsukin is right, I’d have posted Gomorins. I fucking love Gomorins.

This episode featured various witch activities such as recreative canidae petting and large-scale environmental pollution. It also had one of my three favorite moments of this story. (The final episode will be lovely.) Finally, I wish Akane would take me away in my dreams.

Last year, I announced we’d do ReLIFE in an unprecedented abuse of my then newly-won leadership powers. Alas, my reign of terror did not last very long. We’re currently looking at a number of options for summer season, with Amanchu being our frontrunner at the moment, if all stars align. Leave your good wishes with your local witch supervision officer.


13 thoughts on “Flying Witch — 08

  1. Cezar

    >with Amanchu being our frontrunner at the moment

    This is all Akatsukin’s influence. Don’t become a corrupt leader, Ianu.

  2. Anonymous

    ReLIFE has a very nice concept and probably will fail horribly at execution but it doesn’t even matter. I hope you guys sub it.

  3. Bob

    Just a little something. Why did you use cockroaches when Kai asks about how the ladybugs pay? It should be aphids.

    1. Akatsukin

      I actually know exactly what happened. Have you ever seen True Tears? I rewatched it recently, and wouldn’t you know, Noe sings a song about cockroaches in about half the episodes with that word. I’ve heard it so many times that I didn’t even think twice about it. But you’re probably right about it being aphid in this context, thanks for pointing it out.


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