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        1. Anonymous

          No, both examples are NOT grammatically correct. “I and Makoto” is grammatically correct but probably not great stylistically.

          “Me and Makoto” or “Makoto and me” are grammatically equivalent, and both incorrect in this context.

          Would you say “I am growing a vegetable garden” or “Me am growing a vegetable garden”? Adding a second person doesn’t change the personal pronoun.


          1. Ianu

            You are absolutely 100% right.

            “Me” is the object pronoun to the subject pronoun of “I”, and of course you’d use the subject pronoun at the subject position in standard speech. “Makoto and I” would be grammatically correct in said standard speech environment.

            I made the call to keep the nonstandard “Me and Makoto” that Akatsukin suggested because it’s a nice and unintrusive way to represent Kei’s ductus. His Tsugaru-ben is not nearly as distinct as the manga scanlation suggested, it’s mostly perfectly fine standard Japanese with a few non-standard characteristics from a fairly matter-of-fact/deadpan speaker. So we’re going with a few very minor twists to his speech here and there when the occasion is right.
            “Me and Makoto”, while grammatically wrong from a prescriptivist’s standpoint, is so commonly in use that I deemed it perfectly fine and acceptable considering the above and the relaxed atmosphere the characters had about them.

            Thanks for the observation, though! Keep doing that, please; we appreciate it. We’re still making legit mistakes, and every comment helps us iron out the kinks for the batch release.

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