Fall 2013 Plans

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1. Kuroko no Basuke S2 (CR edit+TLC)
2. ???
3. ???

Also, expect a huge BD batch in about 1-2 months.

9 thoughts on “Fall 2013 Plans

    1. furzi Post author

      It’s most likely dropped because of staff issues. FFF seems to be doing a good tho so check them out.

  1. Addityo

    Ah, I see..
    Beside Kuroko, what shows are you planning to sub?
    I hope you guys will sub Golden Time..

    Anyway, thanks for kuroko..

    1. furzi Post author

      Probably not because most likely not all the BDMVs are up and it would take us forever to do them.
      The reason why we didn’t do the first season is because Ianu (the editor of Kuroko S2) wasn’t in Asenshi at that time.


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