Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 7

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Weekly dose of loli-por… I mean moe-blob crime fighting. Yeah, lets go with that.

XDCC: !dansai07

4 thoughts on “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 7

  1. Tibor

    What´s up guys ?
    No Crime Edge 8
    No Jormungand Batch (was promised to us by Furzi about 3 weeks ago !)
    No “titan-seized” announcement

    We all now that you´re doing this for free and that real life comes first, but a litte bit of information would be nice

    1. localhost Post author

      Sorry for the lack of communication guys.

      Dansai will be released hopefully within the next 24 hours. Thats the ideal case, but it could take longer. We had some technical issues to deal with, but its almost done.

      Jormungand is… taking a while. Its coming, but slowly.


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