Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 2

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Stuck for 3 days on typesetting, blame neto_rare.

XDCC: “!dansai02″ or “/msg Iwai-chan XDCC send 2″

6 thoughts on “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 2

    1. furzi Post author

      Consider the specials dropped since the translator is very very busy. (Also, getting the BDMVs would take ages now.)

  1. Thorwächter

    Still hoping for the Jorm batch … Since it was announced several times now, can you give us an update on when we might get our hands on it and/or what is causing the delay, please?

    1. localhost

      Furzi says: “I’ll start working on on 26.04.2013, because that’s when school ends”.

      Hopefully we’ll have it within the end of the month, or within the first week or so of May.


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