Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 11

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joletb edit: This would’ve been released ages ago if somebody actually bothered to release it.
Also, Tobar/Angry Dad/whatever other nicks you have, spamming comments won’t make Jormungand release faster, it’s not even stuck at me but at the uploader, Fyurie. (So yeah, go onto rizon and spam him if you want Jormungand)

XDCC: !dansai11

4 thoughts on “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 11

  1. Angry Dad

    Duckwad, Furzi, Localhost, Fyurie or what other funny name you’ve got:
    If YOU want to stop people complaining than YOU should stop making promises YOU can’t keep.
    Over a month ago Furzi said Jorumungand was at QC and ready to release in no time and now Duckwad said it’s stuck at the uploader ?
    Come on, tell me more stupid things.

    By the way, where is Furzi ? He doesn’t show his face here since May 6 as he talked big about the Jourmungand Batch and another “Titan-sized” announcement.

    I will not ask you about anything anymore, because personally I think you all are a big bunch of liars and there will never be a Jourmungand Batch released or a “Titan-sized” thing will be announced.

    1. furzi

      You should really stop with that stupid behavior of yours because it’s really getting annoying.
      If you continue spamming like this, I’ll just start filtering your IP.

      First off, this is fansubbing.
      We do this stuff when we have free time and we have absolutely no obligation to do it, especially for ungrateful leechers like you.

      Secondly, I do apologize about the Jormungand batch not being released on time, I was extremely busy the past month getting ready for finals. I thought I could’ve managed to get it done while getting ready for them but sadly, it was far too much for me. And I’ve told Fyurie to upload it since the server we’re muxing on had some serious HDD issues. (Meaning that if we did mux there, it would result in corrupted files and you wouldn’t want those now, would you?) ((Also, learn to read since it clearly says furzi edit in the post.))

      Thirdly, yes, we are doing Shingeki no Kyojin BDs but the announcement will be posted when we’re done deciding on TV shows for Summer.

      And lastly, can’t you do something else while waiting for the Jormungand batch? Like seriously, get a damn life.


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