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selector destructed WIXOSS

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Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

This movie is a retelling of the entire story, with extra scenes interspersed, and so should be watched after spread (but assumedly before Lostorage). I have some thoughts (spoilers) after the break.

Translation: Akatsukin
Translation Check: Akatsukin
Encoding: joletb
Editing: Ianu
Timing: Akatsukin
Song Translation: Akatsukin
Song Styling: joletb
Typesetting: joletb
Quality Checking: joletb


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selector infected WIXOSS — BD Special 2

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I hope you like TL notes. I’ll only do the ones that really need them. Slight spoilers ahead. Here we go:

1:15) Apparently all or most of the nicknames are related to pro wrestling or sumo. Why do they like sumo so much?
1:42) “Stingray” or just “ray” in Japanese is エイ (ei). I figured this sounded close enough or at least rhymed with Hittoe’s nickname so that’s why I left it how it was.
2:04) Ruu-ruru-ruu is part of a song about northern red foxes (no common English name I think) that appears in the Hokkaido-based Japanese drama “Kita no kuni kara” (From the northern lands) that aired from the early 1980s to 2002.
2:47) You should know about Akasaki Chinatsu’s legendary Tupperware already.
2:55) 中の人 (lit. “the person inside”) is used for VAs or kigurumi actors and such.
4:17) ガラスの底に顔があってもいいじゃないか (Who cares if there’s a face in the bottom of your glass?) is a likely reference to Okamoto Tarou, that guy who made this monument.
5:16) Yes, that’s what Tama says.

That wasn’t too many for a five minute special, right?

selector infected WIXOSS — BD Special 1

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This “episode” has a ton of translation notes, so get ready.

0:23—Matsukura is the JC Staff producer and Kawase is the Warner Bros producer. There’s also a director mentioned whose name is Souka(?), but I can’t find info on him anywhere.

1:12—The bitch that likes Kazuki wants to be the same thing Iona and Akira are.

1:56—Ruuko refers to Mayuge Koalas, a snack you’ve likely seen in asian foodmarkets that are like little cookies with chocolate inside them. The opening sometimes has gold or silver angel images on it, which you can trade in for points and a prize. You’re likely familiar with some popsicles letting you get a free one if you win (the stick either says “hit” or “miss”). Ruuko says that she’s only gotten 4 in a row in bingo before, but never the full 5.

3:08—Unknown reference, quite possibly referring to the Japanese baseball player Tanaka Masahiro. He’s a fan of Momoiro Clover Z and plays for the Yankees.

3:11—There’s a tradition in sumo where fighters are supposed to visit eight specific shrines and pray for your success. From the way this boy speaks of it the tradition has probably devolved into a simple publicity stunt, so it doesn’t matter how many wins you have as long as you appeal to the fans.

3:21—One of the teams she refers to are the Yomiuri Giants, sometimes called the Japan Giants (which some people don’t approve of). The other censored reference she makes is probably a similar team.

3:26—My best guess for this is tickets for the Queen and Paul Rodgers concert that happened at the Saitama Super Arena (mentioned later by Yuzuki) back in 2005. The Arena itself is host to a wide variety of sports and music concerts.

3:34—The Budokan, obviously, is where the best of the best music artists perform.

3:49—Likely a play on 勝つ (to win) and 買う (to buy).

Various—Tama is shouting in the background about hosting her own show the entire time.

selector infected WIXOSS – TV Batch

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Torrent | Patches (Includes proper episode 9, please read the readme.txt before doing anything.)

We’ll be doing the second season whether it gets simulcasted or not, so see you in 2-3 months!

Translation: Funimation
Translation Checking: Akatsukin
Editing: Ianu (1-3, 5-12), joletb (4)
Typesetting: Fyurie, joletb
Timing: joletb
Encoding: joletb
Song Translation: Akatsukin
Song Styling: joletb
Quality Checking: Akatsukin, Ianu (batch)

selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 12

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Enjoy the finale of Black Rock Shooter S2 Puella Magi Madoka Magica S2 Mari Okada’s newest masterpiece. I can’t really say anything here without it being a spoiler. I’ll just say that the best characters are all in this episode. Take that as you will. Oh, and spread is what Okada did to my asshole.

See you next season, you scum.

selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 10

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Some fun with names this post:

  • Yuzuki, Hitoe, and Akira‘s family names all reference the color they use.
  • Both Ruuko and Iona‘s family names have references to the sea. Kominato means small port, and Urazoe means inlet.
  • Hanayo‘s name has the kanji for flower, like with her hair.
  • Midoriko‘s name means, well, green child. The kanji is changed from “child” to “princess” on the cards though.
  • Grandma’s given name is Hatsu, meaning first.
  • Yuzuki and Kazuki share the kanji for moon. Look carefully at her new LRIG outfit. The Yu part means play, whereas Ka means scent.
  • Mayu, the mysterious girl once thought to be called Ener (assuming they’re the same), is written with the kanji for cocoon.
  • Selector can be split into select or.
  • The X in WIXOSS represents the pronunciation of cross.
  • Infected is what I did to your mom last night.

selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 9

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Some notes. In a certain rooftop speech, the person speaking only uses the personal pronoun “watashi” way at the beginning and way at the end. It’s only implied in Japanese who the speaker is, but that’s difficult to carry over to English. Also, I know I talked about dat Arai Satomi last time, but I’m going to revise that to Taneda Risa this episode. Fuck yeah, Taneda Risa.

Oh yes, and the next episode title is “That Emotion is Stranded”. It’s stranded in the way that you get washed up on a beach and stranded, not like in the middle of a desert stranded. Bring up any imagery? Also, though it was translated “wish” in the beginning of episode 1, the speaker actually says 思い, “emotion” in that monologue.