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Flying Witch — 12

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See you, flying witch

See you, flying witch


Let’s go straight to the staff comments.

Akatsukin: Ianu introduced me to this when he heard there was an anime coming, so I went to read the manga for myself. What struck me was how similar it was to Yotsubato, and as it turns out it seems the author was a former assistant of Azuma. But hearing how much the latter doesn’t want a Yotsuba anime made me wonder how Flying Witch, which is quite similar, would turn out. The comedy is based on very precise timing of the panels, and it’s rather slow. It turns out my worries were unfounded, and this ended up being an adaptation that enhanced the original in every way, from the animation to the music and voices to the original writing added. This was a pleasure to translate and sub, and I hope that you too will be able to find the Everyday Magic in your own life.

Ianu: Today, too, I caught myself smiling at the screen going through the episode. I can’t remember when that happened last while I was working on a show, and if you ask me to name a show I worked on that made me smile more often than Flying Witch, I couldn’t give you one. I don’t want to wax philosophical too much, but one notion I personally appreciate is ne quid nimis; I believe there is value in finding a goodor just the rightmeasure in all things, which is usually hard to get right. I think Flying Witch did that masterfully. Hopefully, our release managed to do justice to it.

vinylfreak89: easiest encode ever

Ephemere: i should watch more of this show

Staff List:
Translation: Crunchyroll (1,3), Akatsukin (2,4-12)
Translation Checking: Akatsukin (1,3)
Editing: Ianu (1-12)
Timing: Ianu (1-2,5), Akatsukin (3-4,6-12)
Typesetting: Ephemere (1-12)
Encoding: vinylfreak89 (1-12)
Quality Checking: Akatsukin (1-3, 5-12), Ianu (4)
Song Styling: Akatsukin, Ephemere
Song Translation: Akatsukin

Flying Witch — 11

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i spy with my giant eye the endless eternal expanses of all earthly domains

Guess the song Makoto is humming and win an appreciative nod from me.

We had a brief discussion about this show’s writing earlier and arrived at the consensus that the real magic lies in the little things. Just consider the sequence of the adapted chapters in this episode. Would you have ordered them this way? I wouldn’t have. And that makes me a lesser man.

I wonder what Akao Deko, who acted as story composer for this production, is working on next season…

Also, I recently called Akatsukin’s blog posts “corporate af” and promptly realized that I might come across as obnoxiously sarcastic. I would like to apologize for that.



Flying Witch — 10

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can love bloom between a witch and a pleb? tune in to find out

There was another excellent release pic candidate but we decided to let you have the joy of discovery as a special present from us. It’s towards the end of the episode. You will know (and frame-step) when you see it.

I’m sad there are only two episodes left. Life is unfair.


Flying Witch — 09

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gap moe: the return of a dear old release pic tradition

You can find out which type of animal character you are here. We did so among us, and it’s surprisingly/eerily accurate. It’s also turning you a bit more anime, and remember, every little bit counts if you one day want to see the sky over Neo Venezia.

Please post your results. You may or may not be relentlessly bullied off our blog if you’re not compatible with us.



Flying Witch — 08

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what sound does an anzu make?

Akatsukin is right, I’d have posted Gomorins. I fucking love Gomorins.

This episode featured various witch activities such as recreative canidae petting and large-scale environmental pollution. It also had one of my three favorite moments of this story. (The final episode will be lovely.) Finally, I wish Akane would take me away in my dreams.

Last year, I announced we’d do ReLIFE in an unprecedented abuse of my then newly-won leadership powers. Alas, my reign of terror did not last very long. We’re currently looking at a number of options for summer season, with Amanchu being our frontrunner at the moment, if all stars align. Leave your good wishes with your local witch supervision officer.