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Black★Rock Shooter Batch

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Our first batch! Many of these are v2/v3 with various fixes.
05v3 with a 10bit encode: Torrent
Patch for v3 that fixes most timing issues: DDL

DDL link dead. Torrent link is alive but we don’t have the files anymore.

(Extract to same directory as v3 and run apply_patch.bat)
joletb: Typist/Backup Timer/Backup QC/LAZY FUCK

Fucking lesbians, man.

Duckwad: Typesetter/QC

This show was pretty sweet. I loved the expressions; I collected various screenshots from pretty much all the episodes of various facial expressions (you have probably seen some of them in previous posts). This was our first “full” show, and I am sure we all learned a lot. Over time our release process became must more streamlined and less of a clusterfuck. It was only our first season, but this coming season will make or break us as a group.
Also, Strength is best fighting loli.

shinigamibob: Encoder/Faggot

Eh…I didn’t watch this… Just sayin’… I just encoded shit (cause I’m a lazy-ass bastard). Also, I’m not a gay faggot like the guy below me *cough*Smooth*cough* so I’m not going to comment on colours and other shit. I guess it was “colorful” and “action-y” because the encodes took ages (dafuq else you expect/want me to say?). /bobu-out

Smoothtalk: Timer/Backup Encoder

This was an exciting series to watch. So many symbols (thanks a lot english -_-) and drama. Loved all the colors and shit. Still all our errors -coughCHAPTERSONEPISODE2cough- go to bob. Hope you enjoy this shit as much as we did.