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Anitore! XX – 02

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and this is how i broke my finger, eri

I wouldn’t want to get to the office all sweaty so I don’t know if I can recommend this particular training exercise for your morning commute. But it’s a good idea to train your posterior chain and calves, so pay attention and don’t get distracted.


Anitore! XX – 01

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oh no, doushiyou

oh no, doushiyou

The show’s subtitle ~ひとつ屋根の下で~ means “~Under the same roof~”. The girls are moving in together.

I don’t actually recommend this episode’s exercise as it’s too taxing for your spine and your hips, unless you’re a slim little Japanese girl with the corresponding joint flexibility. Consider side planks or side bridges instead.


Anitore! EX — 12 (End)

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Are you smiling like the sun?

Are you smiling like the sun?


Well, that is not what I think any of us expected, but it was still fun at least. I hope you all got a good workout this season.


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