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Amanchu! ~Advance~ 02

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Don’t call me Kokoro-chan!

They really weaved together a lot of different plotlines this episode, and it ended up becoming a wonderful tapestry. It’s that balance of loveliness yet gravity of reality that pulls the show together. Even though I love the students, it feels like I’m at the point where I can relate to Mato-sensei the most. It’s a bit worrying, but at the same time, I can be inspired by Pikari too.

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Amanchu! ~Advance~ 01

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Welcome back to that beautiful sea…

Despite being Advance, I’ve got to say that Teko was quite Aggressive! How lucky we are that this got a second season. It looks like Kokoro and Pikari’s imouto are here, which means that we should be getting into supernatural territory and hopefully the Peter storyline too! I’m always up for more Amano Kozue and her lovely worldview, so I hope you’re ready to take a dive and go exploring in yet another beautiful, blue world with us.

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