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Amanchu! ~Advance~ 12

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And go on…

A little sad, a little happy, a little moving. This journey expanded out further from Teko and Pikari, going through my absolute favorite arc with Mato-chan, but in the end, it all comes back together. Being able to dive into Amano Kozue’s world once more was truly an honor and a privilege, and the way she touches hearts is comparable to no other. While I personally feel that Hisone and Masotan is something almost required of me, Amanchu Advance was a personal project I did entirely because I wanted to, because I wanted to convey Amano’s world in my own words. If you’ve enjoyed our subs, even if only for the encoding and typesetting and songs, even if you don’t care for our scripts, then I still thank you, and deeply wish that you enjoyed the show as much as I have. Like the third-years, all of us too will depart from this spring season that will never come again; but one day, perhaps we may be able to meet once more, in another blue, beautiful world.

tsuru: Hello hello, tsuru here. I hope you all enjoyed the show. I don’t have too much (nice) to say in addition to what Aka already has, so all I’ve got is this: Ane > Katori, Kotori, Kodama (henceforth ‘the Klan’) >>> everyone else; change my mind. Thanks for coming diving with us, and join us in Summer when we have cute girls doing niche outdoor activities for the third season in a row with Yama no Susume S3! And if you’re still waiting for the other Room Camps or SSR, thanks for your patience, and hopefully we’ll get those out soon.


Translation: Akatsukin
Editing: tsuru
Timing: Akatsukin
Typesetting: joletb (1-3, 5-9, 11-12), motbob (4), Akastukin (10)
Encoding: joletb
Quality Checking: Akatsukin
Song Translation/Styling: Akatsukin
Apologies for missing some fonts in my excitement.

Amanchu! ~Advance~ 11

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If Pikari’s mom was this amazing the whole time, where’s she been? Also, Pikari has an Aniki too?

Slowly, slowly, it all comes together. Like threads in a braid, they intertwine, and once more we reach the beginning. With each loop, we grow ever more mature, and ever stronger. Next time, we will set off on a new adventure once again.

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