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Made in Abyss – Dawn of the Deep Soul (BD)

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My, my, thank you everyone for joining us yet again. Now then, shall we conduct some experiments?

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This release features two subtitle tracks, one without honorifics and one with.
To play tracks with honorifics by default, set the default subtitle track to “enm” in your player.

Additionally, both the 2ch and 5.1ch audio tracks are included, with the 2ch track being default.

Original Script: Jake Jung (Sentai Filmworks)
Translation Checking: Unbased
Editing: motbob
Timing: motbob
Typesetting: motbob
Encoding: joletb
Quality Checking: joletb
Special Thanks: WiZee, Julek

Heya Camp – Special

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Thanks for waiting! It’s the Heya Camp Special!

This episode is actually much more Yuru Camp in flavour than Heya. There’s actual camping, it’s more or less only Rin, and the atmosphere’s slow and relaxed. Which means it’s much better than the rest of Heya Camp It’s also about ten minutes long. It’s probably the last camping you’ll get before Season 2, so enjoy!


Rin’s somewhere near the Yatsugatake range, which is on the Nagano-Yamanashi border. Well known for pork and pork products, apparently.

The jikobou is a type of mushroom. As far as Wikipedia will tell me, it’s a Nagano term for what’s more widely known as hanaiguchi, Suillus grevillei, ‘Greville’s bolete’. One of those times it seems to make sense just to leave the term as is.

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Heya Camp – 12

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Welcome to this, the final episode! Thanks for sticking around. I hope you all had a nice time with this nice show! As is typically the case for shorts like this, Heya wasn’t really as good (I’d personally hazard not even close to as good) as its parent Yuru. The writing I’d call a little weaker, the atmosphere a little thinner, the cast a little smaller (best girl was only in two episodes!). But it was charming nonetheless, and we certainly all learned a lot about Yamanashi. Though you all already knew that commercials could make for good anime, didn’t you? Especially that one Subaru one.

Ultimately it was just a stopgap, anyway. Look forward to Yuru Camp Deltwo in Winter 2021! And the movie, uh, sometime!

Thanks for watching!

Translation: tsuru
Translation Checking: Unbased
Editing: wrd
Timing: tsuru, wrd
Typesetting: joletb
Encoding: joletb
Quality Checking: joletb, tsuru
Song Translation: tsuru
Song Styling: joletb

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Heya Camp – 08

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this is also Bill Clinton’s favourite snacc

Aoi’s accent is subbed a little more aggressively in this episode. Somehow this is the first time our hand’s really been forced. Apologies for the inconsistency; it may be similar moving forward.

Shingen’s banner says 風林火山, a phrase for which he is quite well known. You can look it up. The ‘hidden bath’ (隠し湯) is used to describe baths that allegedly were for the private use of lords and such (ironically, they’re in a town this episode called Shimobe, which could be read ‘peasant’), and gives a sense of a higher quality. 隠し kind of means ‘hiding’ or ‘a state of hiddenness’ more generally, and so it makes perfect sense in Japanese when Aoi interprets it as something more like ‘hiding bath’.

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Heya Camp – 07

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They can’t get enough of this houtou business, can they? Aki notes that the only real requirement is to use houtou noodles (which are their own type, a la ramen or udon), and she’s probably not totally insane. That thing up there is, though.

Shichimi and kabocha are a spice mixture and a type of squash, respectively. You probably already knew that.

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