BNA: Brand New Animal – 11

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The moment a dream comes true

Amongst everything else going on, I found the show’s views on idols to be some of the more interesting parts here, and how Nazuna reflects those points. While she’s shown to act somewhat naive or ignorant, especially compared to Michiru, it also shows how sincerely Nazuna actually cares for the wellbeing of others. Even if she does things that are wrong, it’s because she believes them to be done for good. And that’s something I can appreciate.

There was a sign that showed up for about two seconds in the middle with references to two German Lutheran hymns, altered to replace man with beastman. You can find them here and here, but they don’t come up again; this is just for posterity and if you were curious.

Only one episode left to go, and having seen it, I can already tell that many viewers will have a lot to say about it, including me. But that’ll be for next time.

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