BNA: Brand New Animal – 10

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I have yet to bless Marie the mink with an image yet. She’s so good

This episode will let you know how good your observational skills were up until now. And I love the parallels in what the characters say directed at each other with previous episodes. It does a great job of both showing character growth as well as the lack of differences between humans, beastmen, and deities.

I’ll try to keep my extra notes simple. Engel Maschines should be clear even to English only speakers: it’s Angel Machines in German. Then there’s how DNA actually works, and what a “switch” in DNA is. DNA is the basis for how everything is made in your body, and when cells differentiate it’s because signals cause different locations on the DNA to be expressed in the form of proteins. The easy way to envision it is that DNA is the manual, the signals or neurotransmitters tell you what page to look at, and the proteins are the actual physical objects that are built. By “flipping a switch”, it means that your body is now reading a different page of the DNA.

We’re visually shown BDNA “transforming” when the beastmen go into a rampage, but this would essentially require a rewrite of every strand in your body, which is effectively impossible. Also, if you were to “degrade” all the BDNA, you wouldn’t be left with DNA, but nothing, which would cause you to die. However, the exception would be if beastmen had double chromosomes, both DNA and BDNA. Humans already have two copies of our 23 chromosomes, but plants for instance have four or more copies. I think this world would make more sense if beastmen had both DNA and BDNA, and by “activating” one or the other they would transform normally (you can look up epigenetics if you’re interested in how these changes can become permanent and heritable). And then if the DNA would fully deactivate, they would rampage. You could even say that one half of their 23 chromosomes are BDNA and the other half are DNA, which is why they can only transform into one parent’s beast form.

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5 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 10

  1. Delete Aniplex

    This is such an impressive rationalization of their pseudoscience it almost guarantees there’s a mule beastman hiding in one of the scenes, just to muck it up.

    1. Evilbob0

      Hey! It’s exploring the mechanisms of fantasy that make it fun!

      If half are DNA and half are BDNA and the BDNA all come from one parent, wouldn’t hat also effectively mean they would look EXACTLY like their parent in beast form?

    1. Bdizzle

      I love these write ups for each episode!
      It adds more depth and provides an interesting talking point for discussion on the show itself.

      Another great job. I appreciate the work you all put into this!

      1. Ibrahim Lghazaoui

        I agree, it makes want to come back for them after each episode XD Keep up the good work !


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