BNA: Brand New Animal – 09

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This bear trying to steal my show again…

There’s some nicely subtle development between characters this episode, but more importantly, I’ve got some serious notes to mention. It would be best to watch the episode and come back after.

First is the coin Jackie found, the giza-juu, or “jaggy tenner”, meaning a ten yen coin with rigged edges. If you’re American, this is roughly equivalent in rarity and interest as a Buffalo nickel. Basically just a rare coin from the early 20th century.

Next is the phrase “Beastfolk, be good”. In an earlier episode you heard this word “kemonobito” in place of “juujin”, which we translate as beastfolk and beastman respectively. In Japanese, they both use identical kanji of 獣人. The phrase itself, to the best of my knowledge, is taken from a Marcus Aurelius quotation from Meditations: “Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years. Death hangs over you. While you live, while it is in your power, be good.” The only part of this that was used was the very end, and while in English you might wonder how we could possibly know this, but the Japanese translation of Meditations almost exactly matches the words used here in the episode. Hence, using the official translation of “be good”.

Then there’s the “MRI” that we saw. Yes, I know it’s just anime and it’s supposed to look cool, but this is a good opportunity to give a short lesson. An MRI machine will always be in a very isolated, very shielded room, because it’s generating extremely high permanent magnetic fields about 100,000 times the strength of the Earth’s field at ground level. They are extremely loud, will completely destroy all non-specialized electronics that come close by sucking them towards it, and need a constant pool of liquid helium to keep the superconductivity going. Assuming at the very least that they figured out room temperature superconductors, I will say that the three rings have some semblance of reality, since something similar is used for the magnetic pulses. However, I have a theory. That was most likely not an MRI, but an MEG (magnetoencephalography). These are also highly sensitive measurement devices, but allow the subject to be seated upright instead of supine, and rather than destroying electronics, they are very sensitive to any outside interference. A cell phone in an MRI room would be destroyed, but a cell phone in an MEG room would ruin the readings entirely. Either way it doesn’t matter, but I wanted to share.

Finally, the so-called “activated BDNA reagents”. At first glance, this makes intuitive sense to me. They might be an activated protein of some sort that synthesizes BDNA. The issue is that DNA reagent is entirely different. That’s what’s used in assays to extract and process the DNA code, not to inject it into someone or something. You also can’t “activate” it. What they probably meant to say was something like reverse transcriptase, which turns RNA into DNA. It depends on how exactly they envisioned the mechanics of the change that happened to Michiru and Nazuna. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they got close enough.

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7 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 09

  1. elie

    Thank you for the hard work on translating this episode~ Btw Netflix is about to release BNA officially very soon so I’ve been wondering will you still translate the rest of the episodes? I mean nothing against official translations but I’ve always prefer fan subbers coz they do a lot of research and left important context (ie it’s usually a hit or miss from official translations).

  2. put1n

    The notes add so much to the enjoyment of these, knowing that the creators actually thought about all this.
    Thank you for your work!

  3. Ibrahim Lghazaoui

    As always, thanks for the hard work guys ! And for the notes too, I personnaly look forward to them each episode 😀


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