BNA: Brand New Animal – 08

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Standing alone on a hill of swords

I am genuinely impressed with the lengths Trigger has gone to for visual accuracy of the inhumane experimentation that has gone on over the last century of human history. As a sometimes-teacher of bioethics, I’m glad they didn’t show the worst of it, because it gets far more disturbing than what was animated. There are also some really subtle clues about the truth to come scattered throughout the episode that I didn’t pick out until after several watches, but maybe you’ll be more observant than me.

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7 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 08

  1. Ibrahim Lghazaoui

    I agree, the best episode yet, and awesome translation work guys as always, especially the nuance between “sore de ii” and “sore ga ii”, that was graceful 😀

  2. Mouse

    In the crowd scene at 2:25 center back you can see Sucy (panda?), Atsuko (dog?), and Lotte (rabbit) from Little Witch Academia.


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