BNA: Brand New Animal – 06

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Do not doubt my ability to make everything I sub into an idol anime

This was a very satisfying and vindicating episode in terms of content, as it reflected talks I’ve given in the past about certain connections in logic that aren’t obvious at first glance, but are screamingly obvious in retrospect once pointed out. Yes, I’m being intentionally vague so as not to spoil you if you’re reading this first, but it’s at the end of the episode. No, my talk isn’t available, but I’d be glad to induct new followers into the Church of Idol.

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5 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 06

  1. Ibrahim Lghazaoui

    Thank you for the hard work guys !!!!
    As for the connections in logic, I have no idea about what you’re talking about but I hope I’ll discover them by myself 😛
    Cheers !!

  2. Espada No4

    Nazuna is a bit of a jerk but she’s really smart and I love the way she talks in such a matter-of-fact manner. Where can I sign up for the Church of Idol?

  3. Bdizzle

    Thanks for another great sub.
    Awesome work!

    “Death Rube” seemed odd when I first saw it. Much prefer this translation 🙂

    I was always wondering why I found myself slightly annoyed with her actions throughout this episode. They really drove it home for me during that last bit at the end.


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