BNA: Brand New Animal – 04

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This is very Great Gatsby

Finally, I can put my biomedical background to good use subbing. It’s rare that I can translate things related to my actual field. We’re starting to see where BNA may be going from here on out, setting up for some later reveals, and exploring more of the world from inside and outside Michiru’s perspective. Also, Nina is cute.

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15 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 04

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      As in explosive growth; very fast and sudden. Saying exponential would mean something very specific which they didn’t mention in the Japanese. You also might’ve noticed that in the background they were showing fertilization and the growth process from conception to birth; I have no idea why it was there when Michiru is a fully grown person and they were talking about regular mitosis. I expect some explanation involving stem cells or similar later on.

      1. asmodias

        Maybe they’re referring to when she does irregular transformations such as stretching her arms or increasing it’s size.

      2. Espada04

        As someone with an educational background in biology I was also confused as all heck to see that, lol. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

      3. Evilbob

        Don’t blame ya for not using exponential; mitosis is basically exponential with the way it doubles… it’s just that it sounded weird…

        Yeah, I just ignored the background. By that point I was just ignoring the explanation and chanting “magic voodoo technobabble, magic voodoo technobabble” to better preserve my suspension of disbelief.

        There’s just too many holes and problems with trying to use real-world science to explain it. Even if explosive mitosis is a thing, there’d be the energy requirement problem, conservation of mass problem, the mitosis not ending up as a massive cancerous mass a la Fate/Stay Night UBM Shinji-cancer-ball style problem (and the associated how rapid apoptosis is controlled problem), how mitosis is controlled by thought/neuronally problem. The transformations would also not be so pretty and would likely leave massive gunk and residue behind; biology ain’t pretty.

  1. Ibrahim Lghazaoui

    Wow, just wanted to thank you guys for this awesome fansubbing, haven’t seen such glorious subbing in a long time <3


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