BNA: Brand New Animal – 02

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teiuka, mou neyo

They’re going hard with the beast wordplay, which we have done our best to turn into understandable and equivalent English. For example, the word for a resident of a city is 住民 (juumin), but here they change the first kanji to 獣 for beast, and it’s pronounced exactly the same. You can only see the difference when it’s written out. This happens a few other times, but your viewing experience should be exactly the same as a native speaker.

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16 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 02

    1. Bakuhatsu Gunsou

      Well if you want to destroy a city there aren’t that many options. You can either call in an airstrike, bombard it from sea with a Yamato-class warship or… you send in a massive mech. If Trigger wanted to it would be easy.

  1. wigsinator

    How come the Translation tracker on Ep 3 says that Timing and Encoding is done, but the TL, TLC, Editing, and Typesetting are all at 0? Is something bugged?

  2. Durahl

    Heh… Translation quirks like the one mentioned in the OP always remind me of my late old man, a native French speaker, and his quest in getting me to learn French ( Asterix Comics, anyone? ) because of how translations often enough will only translate the meaning but not necessarily a word play gag from the native language.

    With English now being my 2nd language for more than 20 years it only ever dawned on me what he meant when I stumbled upon a gag from the Robots (2005) Movie and one of the Robots went like “I’m tired” while wearing a tractor wheel as makeshift pants obviously having a double meaning given the context but then the German version having the same gag with “Ich bin gerädert” which not only has the same translation but even the same double meaning.

    Languages suddenly started to look totally different :°

  3. Erens-basement

    What was the decision behind translating the school on the ID card to Akazawa High School? Her basketball jersey says Reiwa on it and the two kanji usually translate to Reiwa as well


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