BNA: Brand New Animal – 01

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Hey, are you ready to go?

And we’re back with Trigger’s newest anime, this time about what it means to become an animal in a world still dominated by humans. Looking back, we’ve actually done quite a few from their studio, haven’t we. Although half the series was already released on Netflix, I’m personally taking it one episode at a time as we go. This was a good start, and already you can tell the themes are going a different direction than the recent Beastars. It’s also always a pleasure hearing Morohoshi Sumire in a leading role. You can feel some of Trigger’s signature style all over the episode, so here’s hoping for an exciting ride.

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18 thoughts on “BNA: Brand New Animal – 01

  1. Derek Z

    Is it confirmed that BNA is 12 episodes? Having watched first 6 episodes I think so as well , but I have not seen anything confirmed. Trigger oftes does longer series, 24 episodes is not unusual for them.

    1. joletb

      The next show on +Ultra’s TV slot (which is Great Pretender) is airing next season and it’s 23 episodes long.
      So, unless Great Pretender is split-cour, it is heavily unlikely that BNA is 12+ episodes.

    1. joletb

      Our suggested playback setup is mpv for this show.
      Unless your hardware is ~15 years old, it should be playing back just fine.

  2. singetail

    Registered just to praise these translations! Really night and day versus some of the earlier ones that were more literal. The puns are brilliant and really help sell the characters personalities. “Roadkill”, “bolt from the blue” and “something smells fishy” were highlights, now to finish watching!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. bluejorts

    Any plans to make a version with the 1080p raws that got released? I made one myself and it looks like the timings are the exact same!

  4. MS

    Asenshii I love you and all that you do so much. Thank you for being evangelists of high quality cultural wonders!


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