Black★Rock Shooter Batch

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Our first batch! Many of these are v2/v3 with various fixes.
05v3 with a 10bit encode: Torrent
Patch for v3 that fixes most timing issues: DDL

DDL link dead. Torrent link is alive but we don’t have the files anymore.

(Extract to same directory as v3 and run apply_patch.bat)
joletb: Typist/Backup Timer/Backup QC/LAZY FUCK

Fucking lesbians, man.

Duckwad: Typesetter/QC

This show was pretty sweet. I loved the expressions; I collected various screenshots from pretty much all the episodes of various facial expressions (you have probably seen some of them in previous posts). This was our first “full” show, and I am sure we all learned a lot. Over time our release process became must more streamlined and less of a clusterfuck. It was only our first season, but this coming season will make or break us as a group.
Also, Strength is best fighting loli.

shinigamibob: Encoder/Faggot

Eh…I didn’t watch this… Just sayin’… I just encoded shit (cause I’m a lazy-ass bastard). Also, I’m not a gay faggot like the guy below me *cough*Smooth*cough* so I’m not going to comment on colours and other shit. I guess it was “colorful” and “action-y” because the encodes took ages (dafuq else you expect/want me to say?). /bobu-out

Smoothtalk: Timer/Backup Encoder

This was an exciting series to watch. So many symbols (thanks a lot english -_-) and drama. Loved all the colors and shit. Still all our errors -coughCHAPTERSONEPISODE2cough- go to bob. Hope you enjoy this shit as much as we did.


26 thoughts on “Black★Rock Shooter Batch

        1. Grobar

          Thanks for the v3 !
          I think that, compared to other groups, your subs for this anime are the best.
          So keep up the good work !

  1. Grobar

    Thanks again for your efforts, but it seems I praised your work to early.

    I´ve just watched Episode 05 V3 and starting at 03:44 the subtitles are completely out of sync with the audio and video !

    1. furzi

      This is what I get for rushing everything D:
      Download the following patch, extract it to the same directory as the v3 and run apply_patch.bat.
      You should get [Asenshi] Black Rock Shooter – 05v3 [BD27288F].mkv
      Most timing issues are fixed except some scene bleeds.

      Patch Link:

    1. furzi

      It’s up on XDCC. (/msg Senshi xdcc send #3)
      I’ll get the torrent reseeded a bit later.
      (Also, sorry for replying to your comment so late, I’m currently very busy with exams and shit >.>)

      1. Dead torrents

        Wooh, I’m surprised you replied at all! Thanks. I’ll get on. I just can’t handle other groups subs for this show -_-

  2. Bubbles

    I can’t access the patch for some reason. Any chance you guys could mirror it on another site?

      1. Sumguy

        There aren’t any seeds for 5v3. Having to patch it means that no one keeps the original file for seeding.

        1. furzi

          Ugh sorry about that, I’ll get it on the seedbox in about 6 or 7 hours.

          EDIT: Should be seeding now.

          1. flowsthead

            I’m not getting seeds either. Sorry for all of the complaints. Thank you for the good work, but 5v3 isn’t seeding for me either.

  3. Kotori-sama

    I’m just curious and I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but what are the patches for v3 exactly and what do you do with them? I’m seeing a bunch of these patches for anime lately, but I’m confused as to what they are and what you need them for. Thank you.



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